Living in a hop growing country provides our brewers with a wonderful opportunity when the hop harvest rolls around in September. Going to the hop gardens is an integral part of our hop selection for 2020. The brewers will be down there to gain vital information on this year's hop crops. Plus we can have fresh, un-dried hops straight from the farm added to the mash!

Our brewers will be heading to the Charles Faram Hop Walk on the 5th September to pick their own hops straight from the bines. This is the first time fresh green hops have been used at Navigation Brewery.

Our aim is to introduce fresh, crisp, sappy characteristics to our beautifully mellow core ale, Patriot. The original recipe creates a smooth balance between British hops and the finest Maris Otter malt.

Bringing the hops back to Nottingham and starting the brewing process on the same day, we'll be adding 80kg of fresh hops to the standard recipe. The ABV will also increase from 3.8% to 4.2%, making Patriot a Best Bitter for the first time.