Navigation is proud to be part of the Brewgooder Global Gathering 2020!

Edit: You might not be able to find the beer now, but we still encourage you to donate to Brewgooder if you can!

We have released a special edition Salted Caramel Stout in 30L kegs and 9G casks. This is our small part in helping Brewgooder and our 250 Global Gathering brewing buddies from across the globe raise awareness and a lot of money! They want to help end water poverty for 100,000 people. The beers will be available over World Water Day weekend March 20th-22nd 2020.

Each of the 250+ breweries will be making a special edition beer for Global Gathering with funds from the sales of the beer and other fundraising activities being donated toward the Global Gathering total. We'll update you on where you can find our beer on the weekend and do your part to help us end water poverty for 100,000 people.